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Battlefield 1 Torrent Open Beta Ends



Recently Battlefield 1 multiplayer version was released in open beta for gamers all around the world to test it out. There has been over 10 million viewers watching famous streamers play Battlefield 1 Torrent Multiplayer Online against other players on Twitch.tv. From the amazing Twitch streamers we have received only positive feedback regarding Battlefield 1 Torrent gameplay. It appears that world war 1 video games offer much better gameplay for Battlefield and the entire FPS franchise than modern futuristic warfare games such as those made by Activision named Call of Duty. Gamers worldwide have finally agreed that world war 1 games provide much more detail and insight into combat than modern games that offer too much of futuristic gadgets and map utility.

Feedback from Battlefield 1 Open Beta – Its meaning for retail version?


Battlefield 1 Torrent Feedback

Battlefield 1 Torrent Feedback




Battlefield 1 developers have confirmed via Twitter that they collected a lot of information from beta. This means that they can balance the game a lot more and polish it for release. Lead game design developer said that vehicles are currently in process of being fine tuned as they are too strong at the moment. Tanks will deal a bit more damage to be equal in power with airplanes and battleships. Airplanes will receive a small change in their movement speed because Battlefield 1 is set in world war 1 time. Battleships will receive a small decrease in gun attack speed to be in same dps range as airplanes and tanks. Guns and player classes will receive a small damage increase to improve quality of life and reduce in combat time. This means we will see increase in deaths but the fights that caused that will be done a lot faster. Damage of long range rifles will be doubled because of high skill cap they offer.

E-sports and Battlefield 1 –  Thoughts on Competitive Scene

Battlefield 1 Torrent Competitive Mode

Battlefield 1 Torrent Competitive Mode



Because of great gameplay design and balance of Battlefield 1 it will for sure be considered a competitive game. Many e-sport organisations are already planning tournaments and leagues for Battlefield 1 Torrent. There have also been some rumors about Battlefield 1 Multiplayer tournament being sponsored by Curse, we have no confirmations yet. Because of huge choice of weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 1, they have to be fine-tuned almost to perfection for Battlefield 1 to be a truly competitive game like League of Legends and Counter-Strike : Global Offensive.

Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Release and Getting Started with Battlefield 1



We are just as excited about Battlefield 1 release day as you are. Because of that we have prepared a Battlefield 1 Torrent Download link which contains a fully working Battlefield 1 game for PC. This Battlefield 1 Torrent will work on any PC which has at least 4 GB of RAM and Windows Vista or up installed. However make sure that you have DirectX installed and that your graphics card drivers are up to date. When running the Battlefield 1 Torrent download you must run the setup as administrator. To Run as Administrator simply click the right mouse button over Battlefield 1 Torrent to install it.




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