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Battlefield 1 Torrent – Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent

Battlefield 1 Torrent is an upcoming Battlefield FPS game being released in November this year. Battlefield 1 Torrent will be set in time of World War 1. There will be multiple armies from all countries that were battling in world war 1. Some countries are going to be available as DLC in Battlefield 1 Torrent. Torrent Battlefield 1 is being released by EA games and developed by DICE. Battlefield 1 is using Frostbite engine to render some of the most amazing world war 1 scenes on PC.

How Battlefield 1 Torrent  Works

There is many Battlefield 1 Torrent Download out there that don’t work or are huge in size. That’s why we have spent multiple days making this the best Torrent Battlefield 1 release on the internet. Not only does our Battlefield 1 Torrent Download release have small size, it also provides you with a working Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Crack which will work for all future updates of Battlefield 1 In Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent.  To run our Battlefield 1 release simply Download Battlefield 1 Torrent below and make sure you have WinRar or 7ZIP installed to extract Torrent Battlefield 1. This Torrent contains no malicious files, as you can see from Battlefield 1 Torrent virus scan provided below. If you encounter any errors while using our Torrent Battlefield 1 then make sure you extract the Torrent, run the setup file as administrator and then proceed with installation.

Battlefield 1 Torrent Download Virus Scan

You can scan our Torrent Battlefield 1 below to ensure that file is safe to use. We use over 20 different scan engines to verify that Battlefield 1 Download Torrent is indeed safe to use. If you have problems using our Battlefield 1 Download Torrent then please contact us and we will help you out! When you contact us with your Battlefield 1 Torrent problem make sure to send us all information where you used Torrent Battlefield 1. Such as your OS,PC specs, what anti-virus you are using to install Battlefield 1 Torrent and your driver version.

Battlefield 1 Torrent Virus Scan

Battlefield 1 Torrent Virus Scan

Torrent Battlefield 1 PC Requirements

Just like previous Battlefield releases, this one will require a very powerful gaming rig. To experience Battlefield 1 Torrent in its full 4k glory you must have a very good computer. Underneath you can read Battlefield 1 Torrent PC requirements to play the game in 4k resolution and also minimum and recommended Torrent Battlefield 1 requirements. Make sure you meet them otherwise Battlefield 1 Torrent might feel unplayable or you will experience crashes/BSOD while playing. It is also highly recommended that you outperform these requirements for Battlefield 1 Torrent Multiplayer due to increase in players and game objects. In Battlefield 1 Multiplayer game objects increase by up to 500%. That means if you barely hit minimum requirements you won’t be able to play Battlefield 1 multiplayer.

CPU: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1)
Video Card: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 290
Free Disk Space: 17 GB

Battlefield 1 Torrent Gameplay and Multiplayer Information

So far we have been informed that Battlefield 1 Torrent will have 4 playable classes in multiplayer mode. The most excited class is assault since it contains the most amount of available weapons and side kit. With side kit assault class can change the entire gameplay and turn the tides in their favor. Weapons available for assault class in Battlafield 1 Torrent are : sniper, assault rifle, RPG and mines. This makes assault class the most powerful and versatile class in Torrent Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Torrent Gameplay

Battlefield 1 Torrent Assault Class Gameplay

Apart from assault class, there will also be an engineer class in Battlefield 1 Torrent. Engineers will be able to operate heavy artillery and other vehicles on the map. Battlefield 1 Torrent will contain airplanes, battleships, tanks and light armored vehicles placed all over the Battlefield. In Torrent Battlefield 1 Multiplayer gameplay mode vehicles will spawn randomly on map. Engineers have the ability to repair vehicles and hijack enemy vehicles. Battlefield 1 Torrent gameplay will be exciting because of how many different ways you can play the game.

Battlefield 1 Torrent Engineer Class Gameplay

Battlefield 1 Torrent Engineer Class Gameplay

For all of you hardcore gamers out there, we know that you are excited only about the best class that takes most amount of skill. Most skill required class in Battlefield 1 Torrent is sniper class. Sniper class is officially called scout. Equipped with recon kit that gives scout the ability to spot enemies from long distance and take them out with his long range weapon. Scout also has ability to call down an air strike to his marked down location.

Beginner Friendly Classes in Battlefield 1 Torrent

Due to highly advanced physics engine in Battlefield 1 Torrent scout class is the hardest to score a kill on an opponent. Bullet downswing and gravity affect your aim and only the best players will be able to take our their enemies from great distances. This Battlefield 1 Torrent multiplayer class requires a lot of skill so if you are a newcomer to FPS genre or don’t have a steady hand we suggest you start off with other classes such as Medic or Support. We will discuss them in the next paragraph.

Battlefield 1 Torrent Medic Class

Battlefield 1 Torrent Medic Class


Medic class in Battlefield 1 Torrent is suited for beginners. Having the ability to heal injured allies makes it very easy to master while still being able to kill enemies. Equipped with semi-automatic primary weapon, a pistol as secondary weapon and medkit and defibrillator in utility slot medic is the class that is all around great even for professional FPS gamers.

Vehicle spawning classes in Battlefield 1 Torrent

Pilot and Tanker are the only classes in Battlefield 1 Torrent that will spawn inside vehicles immediately without having to walk over to vehicle they control. Tankers will spawn into any type of tank directly from spawn screen. They are somewhat equal to engineer class except that they are only equipped with a single utility toolkit called repair tool. In Battlefield 1 Torrent tankers can use repair tool to repair their vehicle, it’s basically a hammer. There has been a major change to tanker gameplay in Battlefield 1 Torrent. Instead of generating their own health, tankers passively heal their vehicles instead of regenerating their own health. This change will cause some major gameplay improvements to Battlefield 1 Torrent multiplayer. Let’s face it, everyone got angry when their tank got destroyed by some infantry with assault gun because of vehicle being at low health. With this major change coming out with Torrent Battlefield 1 tankers are going to be one of the most playable classes.

Torrent Battlefield 1 Tanker Class Gameplay

Torrent Battlefield 1 Tanker Class Gameplay

Pilot class and its abilities in Torrent Battlefield 1

Just like tanker class, pilot will have the ability to control vehicles right from their spawn point. Pilots can drive airplanes from light minigun planes to Zeppelins. Most of the heavy class airplanes in Battlefield 1 Torrent will consume utility slot equipped with bomb and napalm strike for pilot classes. They will also be able to repair and refuel their airplanes while still being in the sky. We are not quite sure how this will work so stay tuned for updates on Battlefield 1 Torrent pilot class features.

Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Airship Pilot Gameplay

Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Airship Pilot Gameplay

Multiplayer Maps in Battlefield 1 Torrent Download

Battlefield 1 Torrent will contain maps from famous world war 1 battlefields. All maps from previous games will also be remapped and recreated in order to fit into Torrent Battlefield 1 world war 1 theme. It hasn’t been confirmed if they will be available in Battlefield 1 Torrent as DLC or if they will be released with the game,but we are pretty sure that Torrent Battlefield 1 will contain maps from previous Battlefield games as DLC

So far developers of Battlefield 1 have confirmed 4 multiplayer maps in Battlefield 1 Torrent. Amiens, The St.Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge. Entire Battlefield 1 Torrent community is hyped about Amiens map since it’s located in France. It’s a city taken over by war between two sides, British and Germans. From Torrent Battlefield 1 Gameplay we can confirm that another exciting map in Torrent Battlefield 1 will be Monte Grappa, a map placed in Venetian Alps with heavy artillery cannons placed on mountain forts.

Another great Battlefield 1 Torrent maps feature is the ability of weather affecting the gameplay. All maps will have dynamic weather and time of day that will affect players and how they pick classes. Some classes like scout and pilot will be best to play while weather is sunny and during daytime while classes such as assault and tanker will be better during night time and heavy rain or snow. Features like this are what make EA and DICE great developers of Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent. They make the game great and make sure that their hardcore fans never get bored of same repetitive and robust gameplay.

Gameplay Modes in Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent

Battlefield 1 Torrent will contain a whole variety of gameplay modes. Two most famous gameplay modes in Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent are conquest and domination from Battlefield 4. These gameplay modes were loved so much by Battlefield 1 community that EA and DICE decided to add them in Battlefield 1. Highly anticipated gameplay mode is destruction, in which players will be able to blow up buildings, houses and any other object on the map while also modifying map terrain. In destruction gameplay mode vehicles will be affected by modified terrain which makes this mode the most fun way to play Battlefield 1 Torrent. Players will be able to make tactical decisions on how to stop enemy tanks and other vehicles from defeating them.

Vehicles in Battlefield 1 Torrent

Battlefield 1 Torrent will feature over one hundred different player controlled vehicles. All types of vehicles are covered. Air, ground, water and fast terrain vehicles. Up in the skies players will be able to fly Bi,triplanes and Zeppelins equipped with heavy and light miniguns and bombs. On the water there will be small battleships that are able to take out small buildings, but there will also be huge ships called Behemots with ability to wipe out entire block on the map with a single shot. Behemots will only spawn for losing team on larger maps as one last resort of offensive action.By providing massive amount of firepower and strength while being very hard to destroy they are your only way to comeback and win the match. On the ground there will be over 50 unique vehicles, players will be able to control cars, light and heavy tanks, armored vehicles, jeeps and horses. All of the vehicles will be fully player customize-able.

Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Vehicle Horse

Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent Vehicle Horse


Development of Battlefield 1 Torrent Free Download

Daniel Berlin, lead developer and designer of Battlefield franchise has recently shared that team behind Battlefield 1 had the idea of Battlefield game set in world war 1 for quite a very long time. We believe that there was no Battlefield game set in world war 1 due to complexity and technical requirements of such game. There is a lot of features which you can pack into world war 1 gameplay FPS, especially if it’s an AAA game coming from developers such as EA and DICE. Battlefield 1 was confirmed on October 28th, 2014 by CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson. The game was first revealed to public with a Battlefield 1 Trailer on May 6, 2016 and the hype just exploded. Everyone was talking about Battlefield 1 and how great the game is going to be once its released.

Conclusion on Battlefield 1 Torrent

If we judge Battlefield 1 by all its features and gameplay value, we can with no doubt say that Battlefield 1 Torrent will definitely be awarded with game of the year award. Even before Battlefield 1 was released the hype around it was so huge, bigger than any FPS game hype in the past years. Previous Battlefield games received game of the year award as well as Best FPS award of the year. Battlefield 1 with its amazing graphics and huge gameplay value will peek at the top of AAA games this and next year. With Battlefield 1 Collectors edition Battlefield 1 Torrent will be the most selling game of year 2017. Collectors edition contains a 14@ statue of hell fighter and many other physical items such as french playing cards, cloth poster, patch, steelbook case and exclusive vehicle skins available only to those who preorder Free Download Battlefield 1 Torrent collectors edition before game release.


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